Canning and Freezing (20 Plants)

Freezing vegetables is a fast and easy form of food preservation, and most crops, such as asparagus, broccoli, green beans, peppers, summer squash, dark leafy greens and all types of juicy berries, will actually be preserved best if frozen. Part of the beauty of freezing vegetables is that you can easily do it either in small batches — thus making good use of odds and ends from your garden — or in one big batch of your homegrown harvest or peak-season, discounted crops from the farmers market.


Basil – 3

Cucumber – Pickling – 2

Dill -2

Kale – Green Curly -3

Pepper – Red Bell -3

Pepper – Yellow Bell -2

Tomato – Red Roma – 3

Zucchini – 2


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