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1 Cubic Foot Bag of Compost



Sold in Cubic Foot Bags, Certified Organic

West Star Organics Premium Compost is a manure-based soil amendment (not a fertilizer), which has a number of positive attributes when added to your garden.  Compost adds organic matter and good bacteria which promote soil life, which in turn feed plants.  This compost has a pleasant earthy smell that does not have viable weed seed due to the composting process.  Organic matter also improves the texture of soil, which can be useful in both gardening and landscaping applications making it easier to work with.  In addition, amending soils to achieve a proper organic matter content can improve water retention and drainage.

Our premium compost is made in northern WI.  Untreated sawdust bedding is used in the composting process.  This creates a more dense, rich compost that doesn’t have the wood filler (wood chips and bark) that many light weight composts use.  Meets the National Organic Practices standard for compost and can be used for growing certified organic products.


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