Heirloom Kitchen Garden (12 plants)

Heirlooms are grown for their superior, truer flavor and may be easier to cultivate than others, depending on the environment, climate and inherent characteristics of a specific variety. Growing heirlooms creates a tangible and edible connection to your food and its history. They have a traceable lineage and have been grown for many years. They produce true-to-type offspring. This collection will give you a nice variety of heirlooms to make your summer salads special.


Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry – 1

Kale – Lacinato – 2

Pepper – Jimmy Nardello Sweet Frying – 2

Pepper – Sheepnose Sweet Pimento – 2

Swiss Chard – Rainbow – 1

Tomato – Nyagous (Black Slicer) – 1

Tomato – Cherokee Purple (Beefsteak) – 1

Tomato – Green Zebra (Slicer) – 1

Tomato – Valencia (Orange Slicer) – 1


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